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Golf Couse Netting / Barrier / Installation / Maintenance

Golf Couse Installation & Repair   Need maintenance on your netting? Call us we can help. Perimeter netting  Barrier netting Golf course netting Batting cage netting Cable repairs , netting repairs , switching out netting , installing new cables etc. Call us and save!

NYC Crane & Rigging Services

NYC Crane & Rigging Services NYC Master Rigger License NYC Master Sign Hanger License Multiple Boom trucks Bucket trucks with 135′ height  

NYC Scaffold / Sidewalk Shed Banner

NYC Scaffold / Sidewalk Shed Banner Design , Print & Installation all in house. Our company can design , print and install side walk banners any where in NYC. Cost for printing starts @ 6$ a sq ft for a vinyl banner. Installation depends on factors like , height  , length , attachment method etc. […]

NYC Lamp post / Street / Avenue / Light Pole Banners

NYC Lamp post / Street / Avenue / Light Pole Banners   Need a lamp post banner installed? POLE BANNERS DRESS UP THE STREETS AND SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT YOUR CITY OR EVENT. Not sure where to start? Printed light pole banners are used by cities, towns, colleges, universities, and organizations to announce events and spread […]

Rooftop flagpole installation NYC (Tri-State) Area

Rooftop Flagpole Installation   We can attach a flagpole to existing roof dunnage or other structural steel on top of your building.     Some properties have an advantage of using the building for additional height on the flagpole instead of installing and inground pole. We have many fast food customers that use this type […]

Octagon Flagpole Service

Octagon Flagpole Service Flag and banner fabrication and installation services. We install banners made by other companies like Ace Flag and Banner company located out of NYC and other companies that do not do their own bucket trucks used for installations. Call us and save. Typical rerope with 45′ truck would cost 350$ .  It cost around […]

Concrete foundation installation & removal NYC

Concrete foundation installation , removal and repair.   Do you need a footing installed? Signs , flagpoles , Mail box , light pole , security camera pole , basket ball hoop , tennis court equipment and more   We can hep. 718-374

Custom Dye Sublimation Flag made 3 day turn around

We can print and install a custom polyester dye sublimated flag in (3) days. Call us for more information.   718-374-5175

NYC Rooftop flagpole painting

             NYC Rooftop flagpole painting NYC Flag repair offers flagpole painting service via climbing the pole. For poles that are on top of buildings and or can not be reached by trucks we can climb the pole to paint it. We recommend you change the hardware on the top of […]

NYC Clothes line ladder / pole removal

NYC Clothes Line Ladder & Pole Removal   Do you have a clothes line pole that needs to be removed? We can help. If we can get a truck back there then that makes our job easier or if not we can set up scaffolding. Do you have a existing clothes line pole that needs to […]