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Dye Sublimation Printing NYC Custom Flags & Banners , Table drops , and More

Dye Sublimation Printing NYC Flag Repair is equipped with a state of the art Roland Texart RT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer. A dye–sublimation printer is a computer printer which uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. The sublimation name was first applied because the dye was considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states […]

Manhattan Flag & Pole

Manhattan Flag & Pole We are NYC Flag Repair and provide the same services as Manhattan Flag & Pole.   Why use us? We are local.  They are in coming from New Jersey. We have multiple bucket trucks that go upto 90′ high. Our trucks are stocked with parts to get your repair done on […]

National Flag AND Display NYC

National Flag & Display NYC   National Flag & Display is a full service flag manufacturing company located in NYC NYC Flag Repair  also fabricates and install all types of banners in NYC. We manufacture , install and service all types of banner and flag poles in the tri-state area. We also install our own […]

New York Flag and Pole Co.

New York Flag and Pole Co    New York Flag and Pole Co ( ) of  33 Algonkin St Staten Island, NY 10312 (718) 948-1062 has shut down . We provide the same services they did. We have multiple bucket and boom trucks. We install and service all types of flag poles all over […]

Replace your steel flagpole with an aluminum pole instead of painting the steel pole

        Do you have a steel pole that needs to be painted? Would you like to save money on painting the flagpole now and in the future? Well we can replace your existing steel pole with an aluminum pole with out replacing the foundation. We cut down you existing flagpole and leave […]

Outrigger flagpole repair NYC | WHY CHOOSE US?

Why choose our outrigger flag poles and banner poles  over the competitors? Our flag and banner poles are 100% aluminum Our kicker brackets (where it attached to the pole) is welded on and the other guys use a riser clamp to clamp to the pole We use stiff arm aluminum kickers opposed to chains which […]

NYC Neon Repair Service

NYC Neon Repair is part of our company. We are a full service sign shop and we still fabricate , install and service all types of neon signs. We provide bucket truck service upto 44 ft @ 150 $ per hour. Call us and save. Our trucks are in NYC everyday.Our trucks are also stocked […]

Outrigger flagpole Fabrication , Installation & Repair

NYC Flag Repair is a full service flagpole company.  One of our most common products would be the ” outrigger flagpole ” . An outrigger flagpole is usually a flag / banner pole which is attached to the building horizontally.   Outrigger flagpoles will help attract attention to your customers who are walking down the […]

NYC Area Wood Utility Pole Supplier & Installer

NYC Area Wood Utility Pole Supplier & Installer 718-374-5175   We are a flagpole sales , installation and service company and we also supply and install wood utility poles. Wood utility poles are typically used for electrical and communication lines.In NYC , Manhattan , Bronx , Staten Island , and Brooklyn when Con Edison supplies […]

Internal Halyard Flagpole Repair NYC

Internal halyard flagpoles use a stainless steel cable which gets raised and lowered by inserting a crank handle on the side of the pole and cranking the line up or down. This system is very reliable but has to be maintained.       Above are some pictures of a job we just completed. We […]