Bucket Truck Rental NYC , Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan  & Beyond


Need a bucket truck / boom lift?

Do you need it for an hour ? We can help!

Typically when you rent a boom lift you are paying for transport fees and the rental. Now you have to rent it for a minimum of 1 day. If you have a small or fast job and dont need the lift all day. Give us a call and save. 


Our small trucks which go upto 45′ is 150$ / hr with an operator for rental .

Our 90′ truck is available for rental for 250/ hr.

There is a minimum charge of 2 or 3 hours depending on where the job is located. 

We also can help with welding , oxygen / acetylene torch , generator and many other tools that might be needed at an extra charge.

We can also help with concrete foundations , removals and more.



Our 42' bucket truck

Our 42′ bucket truck

90′ bucket truck

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